Whether you have a personal brand or a business, it’s worth taking the time to learn how to create content on TikTok. While the platform is more competitive now than it was even a few months ago, there is still plenty of opportunity to find space in your niche! However, if you’re coming at TikTok with an Instagram mentality, you’re unlikely to succeed.

While Instagram is a highlight reel, TikTok values truth and authenticity. TikTok is doing to Instagram what Instagram did to Facebook, and you don’t want to be left behind on a dying platform. If you want to use TikTok to boost your career and achieve new goals, follow this practical tips and tricks guide!

1. Don’t be a perfectionist, just post!

Down the line, there will be plenty of time to increase the quality of your posts. But as a social media manager, one of the things I see most often in my clients is a hesitation to post anything that didn’t reflect their exact vision of perfection. Like I mentioned previously, TikTok values authenticity. Just because you post in a hoody in a badly lit room doesn’t necessarily mean the video won’t convert, as long as the content of the video is interesting or informative.

It’s better to post at all than to wait until you can afford a videographer. TikTok itself is a straightforward platform with simple editing software. When starting out, it’s recommended to film on your phone in the app, as this actually gives your video an organic boost to the For You Page.

Speaking of the For You Page, it’s smart to spend some time scrolling and study what type of editing is popular. You’ll notice people editing in jump cuts, cutting out their ‘likes’ and ‘uhms’ to make the video snappier, and putting in text overlay so people know what your video is going to be about.

It’s completely okay to try different types of content when you’re starting out to see what converts best and what feels most natural to you and your brand!

2. Focus on building your community

Community is everything on TikTok. If you want to build a following, you have to be an active user of the platform. The most basic way to do this is to make sure you’re responding to any comments on your own videos. If you start to see specific usernames on multiple posts, give those accounts some special attention! Simple social interactions can guarantee a loyal follower for years to come.

Another way to socialize on the platform is to duet and stitch videos that are relevant to your niche. Many creators will make videos with prompts, with hooks that ask the viewer a question. Use these videos as opportunities to answer those questions, giving your own perspective or telling a story that relates back to your personal brand or business.

Also make sure to follow and engage with accounts like yours in your niche, so you can connect with like minded people and potentially collaborate on content together!

3. Consistency is vital

Even as a beginner, being consistent is insanely important. TikTok’s algorithm will categorize your account early on. If it sees that you’re mostly a viewer, not a creator, your videos are less likely to get pushed to the For You Page.

The most popular creators on the platform are uploading at least one video a day, and that is definitely what TikTok prefers. If you can post once a day, you should. However if you can’t, just make sure you have a posting schedule you can realistically stick to! Keep in mind that the content doesn’t have to be groundbreaking, it can be text overlay on a video of you drinking coffee over a trending sound.

If you want to get ahead of your posting schedule, utilize TikTok’s draft function. Take one day a week to batch your content and keep the videos in your drafts until you’re ready to post. Remember to use relevant hashtags! This will help TikTok know what users to push your videos to.

By posting regularly and consistently in your niche, you will quickly gain the following you’re aiming for. Success on TikTok doesn’t mean going viral, it means getting the right eyes on your content! A million people who don’t care what you do and don’t covert to follows/sales have nothing on ten thousand people who are interested in you and your business.