TikTok Video Downloader

Download any TikTok Video in full HD without watermark. Free to use TikTok Tool.

Save Full HD TikTok videos without watermark

Easy to use TikTok tool which allows you to download any TikTok posts for free. Save anything from the original video in HD to a version without the TikTok watermark. Just copy the link of your desired video and insert it in the app at the top of this page.

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How does it work?

TikTok Video Views

1. Copy TikTok Link

Copy the link of the video you want to download from within the app or TikTok site.

TikTok Video Views

2. Insert Link Above

Paste the link in our Tool above on this page and click on the download button.

TikTok Video Views

3. Download Video File

Choose the version you want downloaded. It will be saved to your desktop/mobile.

Do I need to pay for downloading TikTok videos?

Never! You can download unlimited videos and use this service as many times as you wish. We will also not ask you to fill in any surveys or run banners ads here. This TikTok tool has been created for the people by the amazing technical team of TikFuel. Share it with your friends!

Can I save TikTok videos from a personal account?

Unfortunate not. The profile needs to be open to the public. Otherwise this TikTok tool won’t work because our systems can’t access it.

Will the video be saved without watermark?

Yes, once you insert the link and click on the download button you will be granted a few possibilities. The video can be saved without watermark in HD resolution or a lower quality one (less mb). Or download the original video with TikTok watermark.

Can I also download the TikTok MP3 music background?

Of course! Download any background music from your favorite TikTok post for free. Just click on the button Download MP3 Audio and it will automatically be saved to your PC or mobile.

Test our Video Downloader Now!

Anyone can save TikTok videos now with TikFuel’s amazing Tool. We don’t charge any costs or ask you to fulfill any tasks. Download anything from the original TikTok post to Full HD versions without watermark or just the MP3 audio. See it for yourself!